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Discover the best of Latin American talent with new technologies at your fingertips.

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Data Sharing Service

Our service leverages both traditional and advanced technologies to provide comprehensive insights into more than 500 monthly prospects across Venezuela, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

How It Works

  • Scouting Network

    Our dedicated team of scouts travels extensively to the top baseball academies in our operational countries, gathering in-depth data on amateur prospects for the international market.

  • Traditional Metrics

    Such as arm speed, 60-yard dash, catcher pop-up times,  gamelogs, and others. Additionally, we capture over 2,000 videos monthly focusing on live game situations from different angles (CF, Behind Home, side angles, etc).

  • Advanced Analytics

    Utilizing the latest technologies like Rapsodo and Blast, we gather advanced metrics in both pitchers and hitters for you to make data-driven decisions.

Data Accessibility

  • API Integration

    Receive up-to-the-minute data through our API, ensuring seamless integration and timely updates for your systems.

  • Multi-Access Website

    Subscribers can access data through multiple logins on our website, facilitating easy access for your entire team.

Our Impact

  • Extensive Coverage

    Each month, our scouts evaluate over 500 prospects on both live-games and tryouts, making us a pivotal player for the International signings.

  • Trusted by the Best

    We’ve proudly serve more than 12 Major League Baseball organizations, providing them with the data and insights needed to make informed decisions when signing the next generation of baseball talent.

We work with the best technologies

Proven MLB Scouting Partner

At Wahoo, we take pride in our established track record with Major League Baseball teams. Our expertise and flexibility in providing tailored prospect data and analytics have made us a trusted partner for 12 MLB teams. We adapt seamlessly to meet the unique needs of each team, ensuring that our partners are equipped to make informed decisions and discover top-tier talent.

Expertly Navigating Latin America

At Wahoo, we’re proud to be deeply rooted in the heart of Latin America’s baseball hotspots. Starting in Venezuela in 2019, we expanded our expert local teams to Mexico and the Dominican Republic in 2022, and Colombia in 2023. Our teams are well-connected with the best academies and bring extensive scouting experience, ensuring insights and access to the finest baseball talent in each region.

Meet Our Team




Video editors


Data Scientists

At Wahoo, our strength lies in our people. With a dedicated team spread across Venezuela, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, we are well-equipped to discover and analyze baseball talent. Our team includes 14 scouts, 5 data scientists, and 7 video editors, each sharing a great passion for baseball.