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Our mission is to give every young person in Latin America an equal opportunity to succeed, using technology to analyze each prospect objectively.

Why Wahoo?

Methodology and technology

Increase your reach

Increase your reach

We gather around +250 new prospects to our database each month, from well-known academies to some remote ones, scouting the country throughout the year looking for hidden talent wherever it is.

Major League Technology

We use Rapsodo for pitchers and hitters and the Insight camera for slow motion videos. We also use Blast sensors both in showcases and academy visits, allowing us to separate data from practices and games.

Game Statistics

Game Statistics

Per-game and per-season performances of each prospect.

Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy

We have no conflict of interest, so we take the weight, height, and distance measurements ourselves at each visit and use videos to ensure time precision.



  • Rapsodo Batting
  • Rapsodo Pitching
  • Speed Radar
  • Rapsodo pitching and batting, 60-yard dash, and arm strength
  • Minimum of 150 prospects on average per month


  • Rapsodo Batting
  • Rapsodo Pitching
  • Speed Radar
  • Blast Sensors
  • Rapsodo Insight Camera
  • Rapsodo pitching and batting, 60-yard dash, arm strength, catcher’s reaction speed, catcher’s time to pitch.
  • In-game statistics and pitch mapping (swings and misses)
  • Edited videos with additional information, including 2 per pitcher (catcher’s view and side view)
  • 3 videos for each new position player (60 yards, arm strength, and batting)
  • 4 videos for each new catcher (60 yards, batting, reaction time, and pitching times)
  • Minimum of 150 prospects on average per month
  • API access, multiple users for web access, CSV, XMLX

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60-yard dash and speed radar

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Rapsodo Insight Camera for the best prospects

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